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Nepal is a mountainous country. It has eight of the world's ten tallest mountains including the highest point of the earth, Mount Everest. There are more than 240 peaks higher than 6000 m above sea level located in Nepal. 6000 big and small rivers originated from the high Himalayas and the mountains. The perennial nature of the Nepali rivers and the steep gradient of the country's topography provides a great opportunity for hydropower development in Nepal. Recently, Nepal and India have signed in a Power Trade Agreement (PTA) realizing the ever-increasing of electricity for the socio-economic development and progress of...

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Upper Hewa Khola Small Hydropower project is a run-of-river type of project located in Sankhuwasava district at Siddhapokhai and Jaljala VDCs between longitudes 87o20’45” to 87o22’30” and latitudes 27o19’34” to 27o20’55”, just upstream of existing & operational Hewa Khola Small Hydropower Project, 4.5MW which is completed by Barun Hydropower Company Ltd. The same developers are going to construct this project with an installed capacity of 8.5 MW with 236.2 m net head and 4.2 m3/sec design discharge at Q40%. The catchment area is 66km2 including two collection streams Jhutre and Khakuwa Khola.

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